We help organisations with the choices, systems and behaviours that drive effective revenue generation. Our project management approach can transform the way organisations develop their strategies, motivate their staff and engage with their clients.

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Our services combine tools and frameworks which are delivered through a series of workshops covering the whole process from assessment and implementation to ongoing maintenance by way of bespoke dashboards.
We use an extensive range of business tools which are applicable in a revenue generation environment. The tools we use are based on proven models and include LEAN Six Sigma, Balanced Scorecard and TOC (Theory of Constraints).
Depending on the challenge at hand we create a playbook that spells out the most effective actions to achieve your goal. This step by step methodology captures the best practice across your organisation and lets you leverage your learnings.
We deliver our services through workshops, thereby allowing all stakeholders the ability to retain ownership and involvement. These can be one off or a series of workshops depending on the challenges faced.
Our proprietary dashboards provide an easy and affordable view on the health and performance of your business. We help our clients monitor what matters most through a dynamic visual platform of leading indicators.
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Problems we solve

Sales Management
Sales Leaders making the right choices is the most important lever to drive sales productivity.
Sales Process
Sales is a process – not an event. It is a steady flow of opportunity that can be measured and optimised.
Sales Strategy
Link your go-to-market activities with your strategic goals within a proven framework that delivers.
Sales Metrics
Metrics that drive the correct behaviour and activities set your team up for sales success.


The Co.Sales Academy provides practical onsite coaching to individuals or teams, helping them address their most immediate challenges. We specialise in helping "non-sales" professionals achieve their business development goals.
The ideal sales training formula is different for every company, but the process to design a winning formula is the same. We coach your staff on the practical, tactical capabilities needed to accelerate towards hitting their targets.
A world class sales process will improve your organisations productivity, profitability, and forecast predictability. Learn how to design, test and implement the process that aligns the buyers journey with your client facing capabilities.
Lead Generator
Today’s buyer is empowered by the internet like never before. We work with you to create a modern demand generation strategy that gets you talking to the right customers – on terms that suit you both.


Since 2008 we have researched and mapped sales best practises in order to identify the current and future trends in business development. This project has become our roadmap and shaped the way we help our clients reduce their cost of client acquisition.


Curt Volpert
Co Founder

Curt Volpert, founder and CEO of Co-Sales Revenue Performance, has years of experience helping global brands accelerate sales and profit by developing robust sales processes. He has enjoyed multi-year relationships with premier leaders in the financial services sector.

Born and raised in Cape Town, South Africa Curt's earliest memories were of his Dad discussing complex sales solutions around the dinner table. Going on to University he studied accounting and completed his training with the Institute of Chartered Accountants in Johannesburg.

His first role after completing articles was as Financial Director of South Africa’s leading independent advertising agency. Noting the early signs of how ecommerce would provide the trading platform for future media transactions Curt joined an online media buying start-up as Managing Director. He was directly responsible for securing distribution contracts with over 80% of South Africa’s mass media. This skill-set in developing online distribution channels was extended to government and heavy industry procurement systems – again effectively dominating the market.

Moving to Europe in 2001 Curt managed high profile sales teams with LSE listed systems integrator Dimension Data, Dell Computer and finally GE Capital. Curt’s continuous study of on-the-job behavior among sales and management teams across fifteen European countries gave him the basis for developing his theory on aggregated enhancement of sales processes. This led to the conclusion of why some organizations succeed - and others fail to gain traction.

These crucial insights prompted him to found Co.Sales Corporate Performance in Ireland in 2008 with the mission of helping corporate clients achieve their growth objectives through robust sales processes. Curt noted early on that the most successful organisations have insight into their sales processes and understand what activities deliver results – importantly they know how to test and duplicate that success.

Maintaining long-term partnerships with clients allows Co.Sales to continually evolve new strategies to confront the ever-changing needs of regional and global organizations that aspire to become number one or to stay number one. Curt appreciates the opportunity to work with some of the best companies in the world, learning, and giving back, every day of his professional life and as such considers himself a lifelong student.

Ken Brawley

Ken Brawley, Associate Director of Co.Sales Revenue Performance joined the company in late 2012 bringing years of experience in offshore financial services.

Ken was originally an aircraft engineer with British Airways before relocating to Jersey with Aurigny Air Services in the early 1980’s. Deciding on a change in career he gained the appropriate financial qualifications and moved into the finance industry.

He has 24 years experience in sales within offshore financial services. In that time Ken has worked for a major Bank, International Insurance Company and Investment House.

As an experienced sales consultant, Ken initially gained this experience working with members of the general public across a broad spectrum of financial services. This strong foundation provided Ken with the basic knowledge and understanding, to move into the world of institutional sales, advising banks and larger Independent Financial Advisors on the technical details and benefits of his company’s investment products. Ken has most recently spent several years working with an investment broker, helping to launch their asset management arm, to both Institutional Investors & Higher Net Worth individuals.

With his knowledge and expertise of the finance industry and sales in general, Ken provides a wealth of experience when analysing and understanding the sales performance of a company and how it may be optimized.